More than 600 years ago a Tibetan monk arrived at Tawang area in Arunachal Pradesh building many monasteries, among them Guchula Gompa. It was constructed by Tibetan monks who lived there during more than 300 years. Although the living conditions were very hard and the poverty was very high in this region, the monks continued their studies and practices.
Since about 200 years ago most of monks living there moved to others monasteries due to the material difficulties to continue living in the monastery, remaining in it others persons coming from close villages who also were practioners of Tibetan Buddhism.
In 1985 Venerable Gelong Rinchen Tsering (pictured) installed himself in the monastery giving it a boost. During these years, and due to his great compassion and kindness, his activity, both as a Dharma master, healer, astrologer and carpenter was endless and of great benefit for all the inhabitants of the different villages. He gave many teachings about Tibetan Buddhism, healings and astrologie. The Venerable giving rise little by little to the monastery due to the arrival of monks and village people.d
In 1990 Venerable Gelong asked the H.E Gyalsey Rinpoche, abbot of Tawang monastery, to give a new name to Guchula Gompa. H.E Gyalsey Rinpoche named the monastery Geyje Norling Monastery.
In 1999 Venerable Gelong Rinchen initiated a plan to reinvigorate the monastery and become a place for study and practice as well as to provide for the studies necessities of the neighboring villages. His students, among them Venerable Tulku Lama Pho (Lama Jampa Chojor), H.E. Venerable Lotok Tulku Jangchub Pelsang Khunkhap, Venerable Geshe Lharampa Lobsang Tendar, took on the responsibility to carry out their master’s plans. They consulted about the plan to rebuild the old installations of the monastery with H.H. the Dalai Lama, who granted his support. Also the authorities of Arunachal Pradesh were consulted and they gave their approval and the permission to carry out the plans giving the name Geyje Norling Monastery Welfare Society. Also, they are planning to build a school for the monks and village people. So they can be sustained in their basic needs and be able to continue their studies and in this way to sustain the Dharma lineage so beneficial to all living beings.
In 2009, after consulting with H.H. The Dalai Lama, the old building was refurbished and Momang Gompa was combined with Geyje Norling. However, ongoing maintenance and supplies are needed. If you want to contribute, please click here.